The Need For Your Company To Go Digital

Improve brand presence and reinforce a high level of customer service by embracing the efficiency and innovation of the digital workplace. Old information technology (IT) behaviors can lead to slowed approvals, budget bickering, biases derived from the false comforts of slow, but familiar software.

Hesitant to change?

To the CEOs, Executive Directors, Marketing Managers and Data Entry Specialists, we say, no more! Leave all of your IT fears behind and embrace the digital age with open arms.



‘Going digital’ refers to a set of technology procedures that will improve current organization functions. From building data centers to establishing reliable cyber security, digital business strategies are a variety of implemented technologies and processes that will help your company go digital and then be digital.

Don’t think easy – think strategically. Take risks, experiment and check in with the consumer.


Organizing Internal Data

Are you an organization that manages a great deal of data on a day-to-day basis? The architectural, engineering, automotive, scientific, pharmaceutical and even the arts fields are industries that should consider developing customized data software that would organize heaps of information into one consolidated space that is both easily accessible to staff and secured against hackers. This software architecture may include everything from accounting to email and resourcing to social media monitoring.

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Developing Mobile Apps

Apps have become so commonplace that they are no longer solely used for large companies like Starbucks and USAA. Small and midsize businesses are following the increasing mobile trend, understanding that usability and connectivity are vital for success. Forbes recently noted four specific strategies for companies to develop mobile apps in their article, “Here’s Why Your Business Needs Its Own Mobile App.”

  1. Be visible to customers at all times.
  2. Create a direct marketing channel.
  3. Provide value to your customers.
  4. Build brand and recognition.

Consumer experience – what an average consumer goes through when working with your company – is extremely important. In an ideal situation every aspect of the experience has been thought out, calculated and is constantly being surveyed for useful information.

Getting On The Cloud

Cloud computing is essentially computing based on the Internet. Many of the tools and services involved in going digital are unlocked as a part of a cloud- based approach. By 2015, it was estimated that about 90% of businesses used at least one cloud service.

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Using the cloud increases efficiency and helps improve cash flow. A few other benefits include:

  • Flexibility for businesses with growing or fluctuating bandwidth
  • Robust disaster recovery
  • Automatic software updates
  • Increased collaboration as teams can access, edit and share documents anytime, from anywhere
  • Document control


Technological Integration

Synchronize you organization’s IT and business cultures and objectives so that they align technology with future goals. How are your current IT systems being utilized as a function of your business? Where is there room for improvement?

As technology becomes increasingly embedded in the everyday functionality of your business, it is imperative that all systems are integrated to ensure ease of use and simple transition.

Growing in complexity and capabilities is easier said than done, and at Vertical Technologies we understand – we are the experts. We specialize in everything IT to help your scalable business or large organization get on the tech track to success. Trusting Vertical Technologies specialists means that your organization can adopt a new customized IT system with ease. We will also train and troubleshoot after the integration is complete. Contact us today.



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