5 Small Tech Problems With a Big Impact

Technology is an essential tool, perhaps the most essential tool when it comes to effectively running a small business. Whether you’re a quickly growing company, or a brand new office looking for advice, these common IT problems can make or break your business. Make sure that technology is helping you, not holding you back.

1. Employee Inefficiency

Even if systems are in order, a glitchy or outdated set of technology can greatly reduce efficiency and increase frustration. A load screen may only take thirty extra seconds, but those seconds add up over the course of a day. Think about how much time is lost in the course of a year due to inefficient technology, and how much better your employees could do with quick-running and up to date systems. It’s essential to have routine IT maintenance done, rather than waiting until an emergency occurs to address technological issues.

Computer inefficiency leads to employee frustration

2. The Big Crash

All small businesses dread it- your system crashes and you’ve lost everything you worked for. Important files, designs, and customer information can be lost in the blink of an eye. This is another problem solved by routine IT maintenance. If you simply wait for the crash and react, it’s probably already too late to respond in time to save all of your materials. Instead, have a look at IT security on a consistent basis, making sure that all your files are safely stored and backed up.

Computer crash

3. Security Risks

Even the smallest of companies is a potential target for the theft of information online. If your company never checks its servers to be sure that everything is safely stored, you’ve put yourself and your assets at risk. Checking for holes in your cyper-security needs to be a consistent and routine task, one that goes on behind the scenes rather than impacting your daily work life. It can be hard to know what you’re looking for, and easy to forget security risks when the threat isn’t imminent.

Cyber security threats4. Missed Opportunity

What is the latest opportunity in technology that your company could be utilizing? Staying up to date on the latest in IT for your industry is a full time job in and of itself. Keeping track of all the changes and potential problems with that technology is serious added work that can distract from the business of your actual business. At the same time, missing out on a technological advancement can put you one step behind the competition, causing you to lose your edge. IT support shouldn’t just maintain what you have, it should also show you the potential for what could be.

New technologies- smart watch.5. Insufficient Technical Support

Is the tech side of your business more like an employee’s side hobby? Does your technology have the resources to grow along with your company? Technology should be a support for your business, not a problem holding it back. If your company is not already centered around computers and tech information, it may be better to outsource your IT needs in order to get the most out of your technology.

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