How the iPhone 7 Could Help Your Business

Hate it or love it, the release of the new iPhone 7 has everyone buzzing. With innovative features and new wireless headphones, users of the new iPhone can expect to feel stylish and cutting-edge. But what do small businesses have to gain from the latest iPhone release? We’ve outlined its most exciting features and what they could mean for small businesses.

iPhone 7More Storage

Now with 32 GB base model, and the option for 128GB or 256GB upgrades. This breaks with a long tradition Apple has of limiting the storage space in their base models to 16GB. Expanded storage means more projects can be mobile, traveling with you from work to home (for better or worse!)

High-Quality front-Facing Camera

Making it easier to video call on the go, the iPhone 7 upgrades the front-facing camera to a quality that your small business could use professionally. Conference calls and face-to-face planning just got that much easier.

Work selfies with the iPhones 7

The New iMessage

Updates to iMessage make it a whole new kind of communication system, with animation, the capacity to play videos in-app, the ability to link third party apps, and more. Besides being more fun, this capacity will allow your business to be more expressive in iMessage, communicating more creatively.

Notes App

The previous notes app was too basic for much business functionality, but the latest unveiling has new, updated features that make this app usable in a professional setting. One highlight: lists can now be converted into interactive “to-do” lists, and the user can check off tasks as they go about their day.

Longer Battery Life

For those late nights at the office, you don’t need to worry about your phone dying before your work is done. The new iPhone addresses previous complaints about battery life, extending it up to 12 or 13 hours without needing a charge.


Working with the iPhone 7
Whether or not you need your phone to work underwater, the iPhone 7 has a variety of new features that might help your business work efficiently. Looking for help with other tech aspects of your business? Explore our Managed Services and see what we can do to help your business thrive.


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