How to Manage Your Organization’s IT Stress

Technostress noun. – A feeling of anxiety or mental pressure from overexposure or involvement with (computer) technology.

That’s right, professional peers. Technology-related stress is real and flourishing in workplaces across the globe. That headache you feel after hours of researching formulas for your budget reports or the anxiety you feel while preparing a larger-than-life PowerPoint presentation for an important client is a prevalent problem in modern workplaces. (Not to mention constant struggles against printers, scanners and desktops)

Information Technology (IT) is changing, shifting and adapting quicker than you can say, “Limited bandwidth.” So much so that Vertical Technologies staff has composed a helpful list of tips and tricks to recognize and manage all of that accumulated IT stress.

man hitting printer stress


  • Audible discussions with technology, for example, “Come on printer. Let’s just get this budget report printed for the meeting…. PLEASE.”
  • Fatigue marked by the gradual sliding down in one’s chair. Also evident in a slouched stride toward the kitchen.
  • Watery eyes…. Possibly on the brink of a breakdown.
  • Quick to anger in response to conversations about spreadsheets.
  • Aggressive water cooler chitchat.
  • Loss of productivity due to frequent Google searches concerning file sharing.


man meditating desk

Tips to Manage Your IT Anxiety

  1. Take a timeout – Meditate, take a walk or utilize some relaxation techniques. Step away from the tech problem for a minute to clear your head.
  2. Limit your caffeine – Don’t worry, no one is taking your coffee away completely. All we’re saying is that four cups may be a few too many considering caffeine can aggravate anxiety and trigger panic attacks.
  3. Take deep breaths – Inhale and exhale slowly. Count to 10. Repeat.
  4. Accept that you cannot control everything – You don’t have extensive training in IT, so don’t expect that you will be able to master every email problem.
  5. Learn what triggers your anxiety – Printers? Network errors? Laptop hang-ups? Telephones? New machine setup?
  6. Talk to someone and get help – Vertical Technologies offers an online Managed Service Desk that delivers IT support and problem management services. Chat with our skilled technical support engineer professionals and get help instantaneously for any and all of your IT problems.


No matter how large or small, Vertical Technologies can ease your technology woes with customized solutions from infrastructure management to printer malfunctions and everything in between.

Take some deep breaths and contact us today.



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