Tech Toys To Encourage Productivity In The Workplace

Technology is evolving rapidly and shaping the way we work, communicate and live. Within the workforce, new technological tools are constantly released boasting the ability to harness staff potential, engagement, collaboration and innovation. Introducing a variety of new gadgets can increase productivity but also has the potential to overwhelm organizational staff.

A recent study by Accenture found that among leaders surveyed, 55 percent battle information overload and 52 percent said that keeping up with rapidly evolving technology is a top challenge. With all this hyper-connectivity, how does one decide which gadgets are worth the time, effort and funding?

Vertical Technologies has compiled a list of recently released and innovative technologies to make work and life easier. These products boast convenience, ease of use and the ability to form a cohesive team environment.

Tech Gadgets And Gizmos

Doxie Go Scanner


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Whether your organization is going paperless or the sales team simply needs a scanner on the go, the Doxie Go scanner is an ideal solution. The portable device has the ability to scan documents of any size including photos, cards and receipts and allows its users to instantly archive and share their documents. Powered via USB, the scanner can sync to all devices and assists in organization with smart apps and accompanying software.


Logitech BCC950 Conference Cam

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Say adios to frustrating video conference calls with insufficient audio and video limitations. This full-motion HD studio-quality webcam is picture perfect and just the right size. The device zooms, pans and tilts for easier collaborative remote meetings. This conference cam will run on PC and Mac and is compatible with a wide range of video conferencing applications including Microsoft Lync and Skype.


ZUtA Labs Pocket Printer
Preorder for $199

o At only 10.2 centimeters in diameter, ZUtA Labs has produced the first mini robotic printer. It began as a Kickstarter initiative that raised almost $600,000 and quickly became a fully developed micro printer able to print any size document uninhibited by standard paper sizes. This product is perfect for smaller companies who need a printer infrequently and in nontraditional spaces like coffee shops or hotels. The Pocket Printer is currently available for preorder and will be shipped off in September of this year.


Apple Watch
Starting at $349


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Released late last year, Apple Watch is a much more elegant way of communicating without having to check your phone frequently. This wearable device easily links to your existing apps and will notify you of current goings-on based on your preferences using a gentle tapping. CEOs, CFOs and high-level managers will benefit from this devise as it allows you to sync and organize devises in a concise manner. It is whispered that the Apple Watch will be receiving a minor upgrade in March with the addition of a video camera for FaceTime calls.


Microsoft Surface Hub
55 inch – $7,000

This gigantic touch-screen computer has advanced touch capabilities. The Surface Hub can be wall mounted and operated with your hands, a stylus or your voice. It is a groundbreaking technology that reimagines the meeting experience and is looking to replace the majority of current conference room technologies. Because of the higher price tag, this device is recommended for larger companies in specific industries. You can easily send meeting notes and content with the Surface Hub, which supports Skype, OneNote and Microsoft Office software and includes wireless keyboards and special pens.


Let Vertical Technologies assist with your software and technology support needs to increase company productivity. Our enterprise solutions are scalable for small businesses, large companies and government entities alike, so contact us today.



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