13 Solutions Provided by Managed Service Desk

“Grow with discipline. Balance intuition with rigor. Innovate around the core. Don’t embrace the status quo.”

– Howard Schultz, CEO and Chairman of Starbucks

Innovation, creativity and perseverance are a few traits that support a small business’s probability to thrive and expand.

According to hiveage.com,

  • Since 1990, small businesses have added 8 million new jobs to the market.
  • Small businesses inspire innovative ideas twice as much as big businesses.
  • In 2011, the total revenue from all American small businesses reached $989.6 billion.

From nonprofit organizations to humble startups to fashion boutiques and public relations firms, small businesses are on the rise. With today’s heavy reliance on technology, whether it be for sophisticated data collection, email or social media, IT strategy and support is undoubtedly necessary to keep your ship running smoothly. Rely on Managed Service Desk to provide relief for any of your small business’s technology woes.

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Grab Hold of Our Resources

The average revenue for a small business is in the $44,000 bracket. With such a small budget and limited staff, you may be wondering, “How do I maximize my profits at minimal cost with streamlined efficiency?” The answer is the organization and improvement of your business’s information technology systems. Those IT difficulties are where Vertical Technologies’ Managed Service Desk comes in.

Managed Service Desk solutions include…

  1. Developing and managing internal infrastructure
  2. General business consulting
  3. Desktop / laptop support for MACs and PCs
  4. New machine setup and training
  5. Network, printer and telephone service troubleshooting and solutions
  6. Systems integration
  7. Backup and disaster recovery
  8. Security risk management and preparation
  9. Strategic IT Planning
  10. Server support
  11. Maintaining email archives
  12. Virus prevention
  13. Streamlining or establishing file sharing, cloud services and remote access

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Managed Service Desk through Vertical Technologies provides customized solutions for your small business. Simply sign up for your free quote, and Vertical Technologies will troubleshoot and estimate your cost. Our experienced staff will sit down with your organization and get all of your technologies up to speed and integrated. Our online IT support desk then allows you to report problems, monitor progress and download monthly reports that review your company’s incident summary.

Avoid expending valuable time, energy and resources training internal personnel to manage the increasingly complex technologies required to run a successful business. Use Vertical Technologies’ secure, self-service portal and receive the tiered service level support your small business needs.

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