Five Alternatives to PowerPoint

Sitting through PowerPoint presentations might be the very definition of boredom. Consider how many PowerPoint presentations you’ve sat through in your lifetime. Did any of them stick? Probably not.

Don’t fall into the same trap. These free alternatives to PowerPoint will keep your presentation exciting and interesting, and make sure your audience remembers your message

1. Prezi

If you haven’t used Prezi, you’re missing out. Not only is Prezi an enjoyable presentation, it’s fun to make. You can waste hours of your life playing in the world of this presentation site.

Prezi Free Presentation

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  • Ideal for a presentation that requires visual movement, like zooming in on a concept or idea
  • Prezi for business teams allows for real time collaboration among team members, no matter how far apart
  • Easily include images and link to Youtube videos

2. Google Slides

You probably already use your Google Drive daily, so why not add slides to your repertoire? This app provides a very traditional PowerPoint feel, but with easy shareability. Better yet, you’ll avoid that awkward wait time while your presentation loads from a thumb drive in front of a crowded room.

Google Slides Free Presentation

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  • Works seamlessly with your existing Google accounts
  • Comment on slides to send an email notification, access anywhere you access your Gmail, and share seamlessly with any Google drive
  • Ideal for traditional and strictly professional audiences

3. PowToon

Not only does Powtoon provide you with dozens of easy-to-use, professional looking templates. Create both videos and presentations with Powtoon.

PowToon Free Presentation


  • Create animated characters that do your storytelling in a dynamic way
  • Tech support available 24/7 to assist you with your presentation
  • Super easy to create and include video

4. Emaze

Emaze is the presentation to use if you want to look like a web designer. Along with beautiful visuals, the site offers the opportunity to include gifs, media, live data, hyperlinking and more.

Emaze free presentation

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  • Select from hundreds of gorgeous pre-existing templates for a variety of industries.
  • Includes featured presentations from to inspire your own
  • Can upgrade existing PowerPoints with Emaze features

5. Slideshare

From Linkedin, this presentation is more than just the chance to share your own ideas. Slideshare connects you to the presentations of industry leaders across the board, letting you sort by category and industry to access new information. Your personal presentation contributes to a larger body of information.

SlideShare Linkedin Free Presentation


  • Doubles as social media marketing for your business
  • Professional format from the ultimate business source, but still fun and engaging
  • You can nest your presentation within an existing category, giving your audience the chance to delve deeply into the topic beyond your own knowledge

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