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Case Studies

Texas School Safety Center Logo

Online Resource-Mapping Tool and Certification Project

Texas School Safety Center – San Marcos, Texas


Certification Project: Texas State University San Marcos (TSUSM) is looking to help schools throughout Texas become more prepared with the adoption of a consistent and effective Self-Certification assessment process. By answering a questionnaire and validating their experience in-depth to those questions, schools qualify their answers to lead them toward Certification of their facility. Exceeding an accelerated timeline, Vertical Technologies built a Certification Platform that is simple and scalable to meet those needs.

Online Resource Mapping Tool: Texas State University San Marcos (TSUSM) is looking to help schools throughout Texas become more prepared with a consistent and effective Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) adoption by filtering out the plans they already have on hand and delivering links, standards, training, and all other related materials to the facilitator in need. This includes providing a Content Management System (CMS) that is simple, scalable, and which possesses the ability to be reused for many diverse purposes.

This contract will be aligned with the mission of both the Texas State University San Marcos (TSUSM), and the Texas School Safety Center Department (TSSCD) whose goal is the anonymous direction to online resources available to facility inspectors supporting the Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) with the University to conduct hazard response assessment deliverables.

Rackspace Logo


Rackspace Inc. – San Antonio, Texas

Provided an API extensible solution that deploys Linux/Windows Server operating systems to the cloud with on-premise servers included in the virtual networking environment. Developed the management of network devices through APIs as well as a solution for IP address deployment within vLANs with the ability to load-balance incoming requests to virtual servers with auto-provision servers based on system load. The technology used for this project ranged from Bash scripts, .net code, VMWare/CISCO/BigIPf5 & Brocade SDKs, MS SQL, Kickstart scripts, node.js, Perl scripts for CD/CI, Jenkins/GITHub, JQuery UI and many others.

Naval Surface Warefare Center

G-Boss Ground Based Operational Surveillance System

Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) – Crane, Indiana

Provided an observation post code-base that is extensible and modular, and where all project deliverables will remain operational and always deliver on observation during upgrades or remote operation. G-BOSS is an integrated system and employs multiple detection and assessment technologies, all self-contained on a single mobile platform. G-BOSS can integrate signals from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) using the VideoScout video management system and from the Tactical Remote Sensor Suite (TRSS) unattended ground sensors (UGSs). The G-BOSS is a persistent surveillance system using RHEL, JAVA, JAVA Script, WINDOWS XP, MySQL, and all SDKs for each module to maintain this 24/7 surveillance as a persistent solution.

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