Case Study

Commercial & Government Staffing Agency / Financial Management Firm


Internal employees:


per year


Desktops, Laptops, Network w/ WiFi, Servers, VoIP telephony system


  • Employee mailboxes running out of space that requiring email purging
  • Frequent dropped phone calls and/or poor line quality
  • Various desktop operating system bugs, nuances, issues that slowed employee performance and caused frustration
  • Lacked ability to work remotely – a much desired capability for internal employees
  • Lacked sufficient anti-virus coverage throughout the environment
  • All IT issues funneled up to the company’s comptroller who is NOT an IT professional.

Services Offered

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Managed Desktop

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Managed Network

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Managed Printer

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Managed Office 365

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Professional Services

Solutions Delivered

Seamlessly migrated client’s email into the cloud with Office 365. This provided employees with 10x more mailbox space and a more reliable infrastructure. The client no longer has to worry about important emails getting deleted in favor of new inbound emails.

Separated the client’s voice and data lines to dedicate bandwidth to the voice network. This immediately improved voice quality as well as eliminating dropped calls. Internet data speeds also increased.

Installed agent based monitoring to the desktop and server infrastructure allowing client’s Network Operations Center (NOC) of IT Professionals to proactively monitor and remediate employee issues. This provided every employee direct access to VT via phone, email & ticketing system for immediate assistance when needed. This freed up the client’s comptroller to focus on their intended responsibilities.

Deployed a centrally managed anti-virus solution to the client’s desktop and server infrastructure to proactively defend against various cyber threats.

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